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Our Facilities

The Hearn Inn

Located in the heart of Cave Spring in beautiful Rolater Park, the Hearn Inn is available for meetings and for overnight accommodations (room or entire inn). The historic structure was originally built as the female dormitory for the Georgia School for the Deaf.


The Hearn Academy

Hearn Academy was established by the Baptists as the Manual Labor School [a permanent school of high order] in 1838. in 1903, it was renamed Hearn Academy. After a fire, the building was replaced with the present structure in 1910. It closed in 1925. It now is used as an event space. More info on our RENTAL page


The Ole Baptist Church

Cave Spring Baptist Church was constituted on 24 September 1836 and is third oldest Baptist congregation in Northwest Georgia. Before this simple Greek Revival structure was built in 1851, they met in a general store and a dormitory of the Hearn School. 

Old Presbyterian Church Cave Spring.JPG

Former Presbyterian Church

Located on Alabama Road is the Presbyterian church, built ca. 1870. Located in the midst of a residential district, the institution influenced major developments in the growth of Cave Spring. The Presbyterian church has no longer been used since 1977. It is available for private use such as wedding ceremonies or as a display or performance space for festivals. 


The Vann Cherokee Cabin

This hand-hewn cabin was built by Avery Vann, Jr., (1770-1845). Vann, a Scottish trader who married a Cherokee woman, was the brother of Cherokee Chief James Vann and his prominence in the area led to its designation as Vann’s Valley.


The Old Caboose

An old caboose, which was donated to the Cave Spring Historic Society, was moved from the outskirts of town near the old railroad depot building to a new site adjacent to the Cherokee Vann Cabin on the square downtown.

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